Desert Rose

Written by: Jessica Kuilan

Ask me where I hide
Where I conceal my thoughts 
And my darkest lies…
Ask me where I run to
When the moons are full
And there’s nothing more than the devil's grin…
Ask me what I’ve told you
During the latest hours 
Of the darkest morns…
If you would just ask…
I'd just tell you…

My thoughts…they lie beneath the deserts thorn
Under a rose I call my own
Where the crows go to dance
And where warriors throw their mighty lance.
Where the eagles die because of their pride
And where storms turn away, because they need to hide.
Under the thorn of the desert rose…
Where beauty is its game and destiny her thrown 
Alone with her silence of gusts and winds
Alone with her silence…of what could begin…

While the moons are full
I crawl in the devil's place...
Where the pools are dark
And reek of death 
Where nothing else can give in
Where I’m drenched in anger, hate and fear.
Swayed by the gusts of yesterday’s winds
Where trees are burnt covered in thorns of everyone’s sins.
Roses are bleached and covered with ash
Where no one travels against the sand…

Hear my words once again my friend…
I am nothing but living…
Without fear and with you my dear
See my world, hear and feel it…
It is nothing without you
My world turns to coal
My thoughts start to burn
Roses turn to ash
And all I can hear
Is the devil's laugh

*¿Oyes mis suspiros…?
Son para ti mi amor…*

*Oyes mis suspiros...son para ti mi amor*
*Do you hear my sighs...they are for you my love*