Hatred And Passion

Written by: olusegun Arowolo

 I hate you for spreading this false rumour,
     a lot of people taught it was full of humour,
     but it`s out of control,unfair and tarnishing,
Your delinquencies and traits are now flourishing,
You promote malicious falsehood without honesty,
 your lies and incessant denials need no amnesty,
      when I met you,you were in a sorry state,
     but you refused to be upgraded up to date,
I can`t stay with a loser who is proud and pessimistic,
so I went for a dame that is cool,honest and optimistic.

    No doubt,your affection has brought relieve
   which has made my heart and yours to cleave,
   Before now,I seek for true love and pleasure,
    but in thee,I`ve found comfort and treasure,
   I was sick and dying,but you stood by my side,
   Succour flows from you to wade away this tide,
   Your love glued to my heart like an indelible ink,
Your fervour and honesty give hope that cannot sink,
If reincarnation is real,then I`ll pick you again and again,
My dear precious jewel;rare gem!oh!I`m going insane..

Contest:"Let me have it Then kiss my Petunia" sponsored by Vienna Bombardieri.