Rolling wheel of life

Written by: Yesha Shah

As my day comes to an end, usually after my little ones go a-dream drifting, I step into the small balcony of my house, soaking in moments of peace and solitude. A soft cushion-hammock hangs near the door connecting the hall and balcony. It is the favorite swing of my children and as I relax my tired frame in it, their sweet baby scent pleases my senses. I watch the twenty-odd homes in the building facing us, as their activity level slowly decreases and lights go off. My shy muse descends only then!

life goes on with its hum-drum-hum
round the clock tick-tock-tick
run in circles, reaching nowhere
bound, cannot choose my pick

mad monotonous cling-clang-cling
time drips out pit-pat-pit
wheel of life whirs fast, step aside
stop, feel and share a bit!

For Sara Kendrick's "My Quiet Place" contest