Frontal Folly

Written by: Devondra Banks

If you love me, 
rid me of this throbbing pain, 
this cruel joke,
which has blushed my face with embarassment. 
Your mouth speaks truths of love I shun;
truths which justify and validate our parting of ways, 
our separate hearts and veins. 
Love is patient, 
but not in me. 
Quite a haste my heart makes for you and yours alone. 
Love is kind, 
and kind I am and always will be 
to the man who cradles the key to access the gleaming jewel. 
Love has chosen us to wear its promise. 
I am clothed. 
Naked are you. 
I am warm as Spring's sunlight, 
and you are drafted with chilling winds. 
Here, take my sweater.