Halloween Night

Written by: Broken Wings

Rosabella met her maker on Halloween night It was an unnatural death . . . Death met her in the maple forest On the edge of town She lay in the brittle leaves Her eyes starring in horror It was a violent death . . . A dark veil of hair fell across an open eye The stars twinkled down on Rosabella She looked perfectly beautiful Except she was dead . . . Such a small wound to drain all her blood A mere mark on her white throat She was a fool . . . To go walking on Halloween night What could have lured her to the forest With every form of ghost, goblin, devil and vampire lurking about . . . They took her to the town morgue Draped her body with a virgin white sheet, so white And there she lay waiting Until . . . . ______________________________ Written, 2012 Free Verse Submitted to the contest, Halloween Only, Skat