Written by: John Robert Bones

Rock n roll was started by four guys from across the pond, there was Jerry, Johnny, Carl and a hep cat named Elvis
and later on the Big O. rock n roll was born. Some say it would not last, some say it,s just a fad, a phase people
were going through.but how wrong they were.
Rock n roll is here to stay. Telecaster Fender and Gretsch as well, all  played a rockin beat to which we could move our feet.
Teddy boys with their crapes and drapes quiffs and da,s looking so tidy and smart. The Rockabillys as well  in their jeans
tee shirts and leather jackets, also with quiffs side burns and Da,s. 
One guitar,one drum and one double base and you have a rock a billy band, music that lives on for ever through out 
this fine land as you will discover  its still very much  in demand, The music of Gene, Eddy and Elvis is far from dead. 
its stronger than ever its got to be said 
Blue sued shoes, love me tender all  played so  beautiful on a gretsch or fender a sound so sweet and fine that will blow your
mind so  my friend to  finally say Rock N Roll is not dead hooray. 
John.R.Bones copy right 2012 (c)