think pink

Written by: Yolanda Jones

I dreamt of you again during the jaded hours where chocolate silk covered my soul tainted with morbid memories of where breast cancer had lingered long after hospice left the building I gazed through diamond covered eyes window panes leading to a quaint ledge I often glanced over after untimely chemo therapy a sight for sore eyes to find you hovering over angel figurines lined against the gift shop wall how drained I was an yet it was your soul that needed prayers your heart that needed my undivided. attention I'd forgotten life I'd neglected living catering selfishly to pain and disfigured timings I'd endure I thought of passion pink and sassy threads leaving nothing out I thought of new loves you'd explore in my absence I daintily gathered my pink gel soles and began walking breathlessly for you dear as I'd remembered your beating heart beneath my weakened breast bone