Written by: Asante Indira

It’s not enough to be thirsty
Your wetness could never quench me
I’d only like to devour you

And it seems you’re playing my part
Why so angry?
 No matter how weak my voice gets
when reciting our features
I still believe
It’s just that these sounds aren’t strong enough to carry
 So we’re silent
under the screams of my thinking
and the wailing of our separation

And from today, I am you
Showing you the corners of concave structures
so you can see
it’s all been a figment of my built reality
I’ll tell you how I’ve learned to pray again
and get up with the morning to hum

But for now
You can have it
Your disposition
But Ill always be here
in my new found humility
waiting for your pride
to curl up in a corner and die
Just like mine