Text Talk

Written by: Andrea Dietrich

@ lst catchin on 2 my celfne wz a relief 
thN txtN came on2 d scene n brawt me nu grief.

 I couldn’t evn lern shrth& wen I wz in skool. 
txtN S 2much lk dat, so I’ll stay “un-cool!” 

I’ve gotten thru a lfetme w/o uzn it.
n wouldn’t uno it, no symbl 4t rhym sh-t


At last catching on to my cell phone was a relief.
Then texting came onto the scene and brought me new grief.

I couldn’t even learn shorthand when I was in school.
Texting is too much like that, so I’ll stay “un-cool!”

I’ve gotten through a lifetime without using it.
And wouldn’t you know it, no symbol for the rhyme sh-t