Culbertson Mansion: The Carriage House

Written by: jack horne

When all the paying guests had gone,
I broke in there one Halloween.
I thought at first it was all fun,
Then realised just what I’d seen.

The noises, smells and awful sights
Had made my blood run cold with fear:
The mangled, tortured bodies dead,
But even worse was Webb’s cold leer.

He neared me, instruments in hand,
And told me what he planned to do:
Experiments to make me scream,
He’d even thought up something new.

I tried to run but couldn’t move,
So spat into the doctor’s face,
‘You’re dead, you have no power now.
‘Go back to Hell and leave this place.’

The victims’ bodies faded then,
I prayed and cried and shook with fright,
The knives and blood all vanished too,
And Harold Webb was gone from sight.

*Dr Harold Webb tortured people to death

23rd August, For Gail’s Halloween Night contest