Outburst Of The Heart

Written by: Romeo Della Valle

When I turned around,
My back towards the sun,
The sun did not go away,
It remained there for everyone,
Just like a center stage!
It was the impetus, I knew this well,
My courage and my transport
That kept alive!

This love for long felt,
Except time-it seemed too short...
From comfort you changed to bitterness
And it was strange to understand
That the same tokens of tenderness
Would leave you with a clenched hand...
I grew cold, you openly claimed
And I did not ask you, I maintained,
When left alone with no choice
But forever erase,
The unspoken words from my mind
And the happy smile from my face...

Communication was all in vain
And sadly everything was tore apart,
For your departure, I was not to be blamed
When you betrayed your own heart...
If you think my heart is empty-think again!

Romeo Della Valle

http://www.romeodellavallle.com  (Visual Poetry)