Coming to Play

Written by: Dustin Self

I awoke this morning without a heavy heart
for today is the day,gotta get a quick start.
There will be bats and balls out in the front yard.
There will be battles to win,Transformers,and cars.
We'll have fun and laugh til our stomachs explode.
I'm sure there will be toys left in our commode.

There will be snacks and cookie crumbs all over the place.
We might even have time for a bicycle race!
For today is not just an ordinary day,
for today is the day my son comes to play.
He only gets dad for just a short while,
so we ain't got much time to enjoy our smiles.

Got so much to do to fullfill every wish.
We might go to the lake and catch a few fish.
Then it's time to bathe and read a few books.
We're both getting tired,you can tell by our looks.
Then we fall fast asleep dreaming about our day,
It's always a blessing when my son comes to play.