Written by: lucky okoedion

                                           Nigeria ?

                            We've come this far.
                            From blank calendars
                            with 'Apollo'-loaded eyes,
                             As it seemed,
                            when we saw things in blue-on-black.

                            This far we've come,
                            gazing at tomorrow's hopes
                            Boldly. With Agama-Lizard affirmation,
                            since we can feel the dreams.

                            We have come far also
                            from another age
                            of chain and fetter culture,
                            when dependence enslaved men.

                            "yes!" we have come through
                            from battle sweating and pounding headache
                            with joy mixed with sorrows,
                            And silver linings appearing in dark night,
                            though we still prey on ourselves.

                            We've come this far, no doubts,
                            By fate and faith.
                            As the trigger country
                            of the rifle-shape continent;
                            We call the shots of black civilization
                            by Geography, Map reading, destiny, gift of nature, divine favor.
                            And whether we live it or not,
                            destiny's call is loud and clear.
                            And we must answer on judgement day,
                           "what happened to your destiny?"

                            But we've come indeed from afar,
                            to a garden of money trees
                            where there are no goats.
                            Indeed we're slashing highways out of forests
                            with tireless continuity.
                             Farther and farther.