The Tyrant's Lamentation

Written by: lucky okoedion

Awake embalmed,
I out of dream. All ways mine,
All thoughts mine.
Whole world halted,
studious; sheep.
Me joining,
My dream recording.

Suckling arms-folded,
witness of mother's milking of mine, 
                        A dream, i never knew
                         till i died in it,
the hands of gallant tears awakening,
Waking up the suckling, 
feeding them into giants.
The evolution of red eyes;
Blood infection, invention incurable,
A quiet-forged weapon,
A hungry lion came
In the undercover, the blue grasses,
 Around where i kneel begging their support,
                                 And killed me.
At the high ground, 
constitution crumbling amended,
The grassland, 
votes being cast
or where it lacks voice, 
thoughts of theirs Dumbfounded 
by I of their feverish fear,
their school of inactivity,
mediocrity my wife their tutor.
                                 She has for a while vanished into nonexistence,
                                 Left me lonely at my grave's side,
                                 the ghost that I am.

Political tyranny? 
Called all sorts of names.
I am the rod that apportioned resources as it pleased.
I now exist here,Lamentably.
As years of rule a dream,
felt more real than now.

Do they see me sit alone but scheming?
I the ghost only now,
Far-removed from the 
the realities around.
A spirit of the dead,
the dead of the dreams 
and never-decaying corpse
Roaming the land of the living.

Am i not just a vanishing smoke for a while,
A sorrowful tale
which must reincarnate?