Chris D Aechtner

Written by: harry horsman

Every now and then
life creates a gem of a human being,
a gem of genuineness
a body of truth, sincerity
written into sublime poetry.
And like all that is good
upon this planet, a situation
that creates reactions from those
usually, one eyed opinionated bigots
those full of self importance,
able to sweep all conception
bar their own out of existence.
So this Canadian genius
like the setting sun
has faded into the horizon,
no doubt to rise again somewhere,
after all the setting of the sun
and the rising of are perpetual,
and in his words not mine.
(*A perfect fusion of dark and light.)
Has I’m sure he is!

*Borrowed from his first poem
posted here on soup “Updrafts”

© Harry J Horsman 2012