Written by: Pace INK-U-SCRIPT

               awakes, striding seamlessly towards the
              trajectory of daybreak. Abed, passionately
                  attended by orectic thoughts; of whom
              early on was created from man’s thoracic cage.

      Without the least trace of compunction; exfoliating the 
    Saccharine damped canal with the tongue. Combined oils 
and aroma lingers on the lips. Though the stiffened, unbridled, 
      solid thick muscle would supersede the tongue as the
      warm tightened canal adjusts to its width inextricably.

                           Waterfalls pouring profusely
                               Eyes trudge backwards 
                                  to that of yesterday
                                   Fingers ascendant
                                  to the nearest limb. 
                        Digits of the foot holding forth 
                             discourse with the sun.

                                      In due course.
                                 Garnished bed linens 
                                     Accompanied by
                                       Whitish fluid 


                                     "1st Pace Winner"

Contest Name: Best Descriptive Poem

Pace, G