Written by: Alfred Emmanuel Brown

Walking in the midst of  the sinful, and the fearless hearts;  I hear sounds of rebellion itching my ears.
Every moment of my life, I found my soul going down to the  land of  sorrows,
 and pains; even  the help  of the inhabitants gives  no encouragement.
 My eyes keep wanting more of the  sinful pleasures  of life, which  never  promise  peace.
The offers of this sinful  world  harden my heart towards praising  God.
Evil imaginations, never stop coming.
I  became  hostile to the saints that preach repentance to me.

In  my  hunting  for sin, I found a  piece  of paper on the ground; 
Saying: “ Praise Him!!  Praise Him!! Praise Him!!! ” all the  living souls on the earth.
Then, I asked  myself, who is He that I should praise? 
Who are the living souls on earth? 
Then several thoughts came into my mind; 
But the  voice  from  the paper  wouldn’t  let me be,
 The  voice said: Praise the I AM  THAT  IAM.
It  looks  like dreams but it’s real. Where do I go from here? 
A silent voice sounding like rhymes said to my heart; go into my sanctuary and  join my saints in the Night of praise.
Night of praise?  I asked the voice. 
I created you to praise me.
Written by : Emmanuel Brown