Written by: Ryan Jackson

Seeing her figure over the cliff,
She gazes at me through morose eyes,
Her heart tells me to let go as tears drop from my face,
I want to grab her before she falls but can't reach in time,

"let me go"
Whispers through violent wind,
My body shakes for what I know I have to do,
My heart will never be mended again,
Nor my soul,
For this,
I can't forgive myself,
But to do as she wishes is my only strength I have left to live,

I close my eyes and whisper my love for her,
Tears streaming,
My last words for her to hear from me is this,

" I'll see you again, where our souls are meant to be,  in a world that our love will be free"

I smile to her, 
And see her smile back for the last time,
Emotions fill my mind,
This world I hate for not allowing me to be again with my love,

Two worlds apart,
Through dream and reality,
But in a spiritual world,
We are one, 
Where our souls will meet again.