A Rain of Diamonds

Written by: Aziz M.Tehrani

Short article on WATER .
From: Aziz M. Tehrani,(Mashhad,Iran.)

A rain of diamonds,

Recently in a dream I saw the sky was cloudy and it was raining heavily.
Strange solid drops were coming down. An umbrella was over my head.
I stood still with a fear. First I thought they were hail stones. But,strange
to say, they didn't melt at all ! I couldn't move a step forward.
By now the solid drops had reached to the level of my eyes.
I touched some. They were not wet! I opened my eyes.In my astonishment
I saw I was surrounded by a multitude of clear ,valuable and precious diamonds!
I could not believe my eyes. Suddenly one of the diamonds spoke to me.
" Don't be surprised !! we are drops of water! Only this time we decided 
to show you our real values! but unfortunately you take no heed !
please don't use us up and keep some for the next generations 
and God will bless you ."