Written by: Andrew Crisci

Kids are clearly seen through their sheer innocence,
and giving a kiss is a spontaneous gesture
they return without any expectations and there's no malice
in that, or need for engaging in adventure.

How do they learn to express friendship on a given day?
They see how we show it through warm kisses
and perform them among themselves in an innocuous way;
oh, hear their loud laughter displaying cute faces!

My first kiss felt like the balmy spring wind caressing a fragrant rose,
and the longer I delayed it, the more I seem to enjoy it....
while Erica, the red-haired girl, was too shy but consented it; 
and I, a starry-eyed Romeo, amused my Juliet with the longest prose. 

Innocent times were part of a gentler era
when giving kisses and embracing was a manifestation of affection
somehow truer than the ones that are given today to escape tension;
let me recollect the one I gave to pretty Erica!