The Mask

Written by: Rachael Ni

There’s a mask that everyone sees.
It’ can be plain or be done up with colors.
It hides emotions, unless you look in its eyes.
The eyes do a dance as you look into them.
They can flicker like a candle;
They can shimmer with hope;
They can pool with water from the truth;
They can be black as night and be just as daring;
They can be soft as a rose petal;
They can look as though kindness is showering you with a million kisses.
The mask is made to look different.
Mine’s different from yours;
Yours is different from hers;
Hers is different from his’.
The mask creates a personality.
It can be made to look humorous;
It can be made to look sad;
It can look as shiny as a penny;
It can look as polished as a rock.
The mask can peak interest or attraction.
The mask can repulse and disgust.
The mask can create curiosity for others.
I have a mask.