Mistaken Identity

Written by: Romeo Della Valle

Forgive me, I thought somebody cared, 
I thought it was you
Or I would surely never dared
Reveal myself through

Who made you guardian of my days, 
Master of each step? 
The spirit will retaliates, 
Becoming suppressed.

I thought it was you, 
Wearing an angelical smile
And with sparkling eyes
Bewitching me with its magic.

As time slowly passed.
The truth was clearly revealed
When I saw the fake lover
Hiding behind the mask.

I thought it was you, 
The one permanently fixed
In my heart and mind
And also in my dreams.

Disappointed now I am
But with faith and hope
I will eventually survive
And see a brighter light.

One sunny day
While the butterflies dance
And the birds happily sing, 
I shall find you my angel, 
The woman of my dream

Romeo Della Valle