My Wish

Written by: kristin gregoire

I can't believe your really gone, I try 
so hard to be strong, But nothing 
feels right nomore everything feels 
I pray your okay and that God will 
take your hand to show you a better 
way. I hope he tells you how much I 
miss you everyday and all the things 
I never got to say, I just wish you 
never had to go away, I wish you 
could come back to stay, I wish I 
could still see you everyday.              
I'll miss you forever you will always   
be in my heart your my strength 
that picks me up when I'm falling 
I will never forget all the crazy 
things we would do, and all the 
things we been threw, You were the 
ONLY one whenever I would call 
you would always come threw R.I.P 
I will never forget you.