Life As a Play

Written by: Romeo Della Valle

Maybe it is the way I am
And maybe it is the voice
Deeply inside of me
Warning me, instinctively
That the vows of eternity
Must not be mistaken…

I do not wish to be squished
Inside the dreams
Of someone else,
Secondarily real
Like a role created
By any playwright
Who divides the fate
Of each of his characters…

Now it is your call-
Speak your lines!
Those interactions
Are solely directed
From the margins!
On stage you are invisible,
Nothing unnoticed happens,
All movements are calculated,
Purposely make-believe…

I am a fool in the play,
Foolishness just playing
But the joke is partly that role
Which do not apply to real fools
And the jester knows the truth
Far better than the king
Who finds ridicule amusing! 

Romeo Della Valle -NYC