And A Good Morning To You Too

Written by: Carrie Richards

I stepped outside by sheer routine To find the paper in the green As usual I must shake it off A soggy mess, so it's a loss Now sprinklers smack me in the eyes My PJ's soaked, (one more surprise)! And bunny slippers, are wet again I shuffle back up to my den But find the door has locked and then My neighbor waves, with stifled grins He helps me through the window screen All the while I want to scream! I settle for the TV news Oh dear! ... The world is torn in two! So now I have the morning blues! I turn it off, and start my brew The window frames the early sun The boiling pot is almost done I let the cat out, drink my tea I spy a mirror, who is she??! I have a laugh as well I should I'll drink the day, and digest the good!
________________________________________ For Francine's "Couplet Morning" Contest By Carrie Richards 8/16/12