The Aussie Product Scene

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

We Aussie like to have a bite
Of bread and butter and vegemite
We’ll save a Crumble bar for you
Cherry Ripe and Lamingtons too
With snags and meat pies all life long
Instant Pavolvas seem all wrong
Toohey’s and Carlton bring real cheer
Four XXXX and Fosters fair dinkum beer
Gran took Vincents with confidence
Bushell’s tea Mums preference
She takes the tea with Sarah Lee
Guess that’s not quite real Aussie
Neither is Arnotts, or Lean Cuisine
Coke, Pepsi , Big mac or Dairy Queen
Eating at the pics with my mates
Minties and Jaffa chocolates
Now the swaggie my mates and me
We really like strong Billy tea
Damper and meat pies still true blue
Aussie products for me and you
For kangaroo meat the prices are high
Fair dinkum tucker you cannot deny.
Though the Yanks grab all they can
Witchery grubs just ain’t in their plan!