Devil's Brew

Written by: Damali Thomas

I never told anyone about my other half.

I keep her locked away in the mazes of my mind. 

But when I’m not too careful, she comes out like a bullet out of a barrel. 

She is coaxed by the devil’s brew, where she is invited to come out and play. 

It all started when she first let it kiss her lips.

It slowly drips down her throat, and into her vessel.

The intoxication seamlessly mingles in her mind.

Her peers and comrades watch and look on,

As she transforms,

Transforms into a being that she can scarcely remember.

She is not herself anymore, but a fragment of who she wants to be.

She lets the pressure become too much, that she forgets who she is.

Let me tell you who she once was,

She was brilliant,

She was unique

She was strong.

Now she is a shell of her former self, a flower that once rose so gallantly.

Now faltering and withering like olden tombstones.