In Sight of Saul

Written by: Robert Ludden

He walked along the country road
suffused with guilt...the archetype
of arrogant despair 
bearing unknown void 
as some monstrosity ballooning; 
thus encumbered,  saw the gloom
take on decay
until upon his solemn march

a grace appeared;  he saw no more
and then his hands were warmed
as one who understands compassion--
suddenly may seek to let it heal.
Reality wore different dress;
allthough there was duress 
that still prevailed--a wretchedness 
confessed within a new holistic fire
created endings for a man
faced with a birth that centuries
beyond would celebrate.

He would see again the choice;
the restless rest exchanged,
he would attain quixotic glory
in the pain that he could own,
and thus refreshed,  
would make it known 
across millennia.

Hard-pressed without a doubt,
a self to find serenity
inside the passion of this
feisty little man obsessed
with lightning and with love,
the one who from the darkened path
had stumbled to a martyr's paradise
enabled by the eyes of God.