The King of Kings

Written by: tristen temple

A twining and emotions; past present and future....
Standing within the arms of my Heavenly Father, amid celestials highest realm
Never afore having dissected nor presented in detail; mercifuls moment
The Holy of Holies ! Having been delivered an infant, from the grave ~
I'll never know why this life perhaps; as sin took hold ten fold thereafter....
Truly the deer which pants aside empty waterbrooks; the famished dog wondering
Through desolate streets it has seemed; bittersweet, a broken vessel such as me ? 
Wrapped in love's embrace and waiting to make known these reasons; revelations
Amid retro's manifesting themselves clearer this beauty; clothed in splendours....
Nineteen eighty-three a bottle of whisky and a rope; pools marked tears and a child
Breathing years of dashings torment; melting the heart now gazing back; clay they say
In the Potter's hands ? Depth, beckoning unto the deep; Get Up America, left prancing
Afore my eyes; Grandfather smiling without a word; whales swimming about the sea
Angels, gathering the scrolls they'll read ~ Standing within this visions shadows
That a silhouette; silent they gaze, at one-thirty if it were but a clocks timeful hands ?
Turning the world upside down; theirs and a galaxy of dreams they never believed
Would ever be seen ~ Hush the clouds that cast this light; transcending these gates
Which bound their plight; abysmals pyre ? Listening unto Mariah Carey's song, When 
A hero comes along; but there is truly ultimately, only One of they; twining emotions....

...."The 'King of Kings!'" *