Willows That Never Wept

Written by: Donald Eissler

We once flew over rainbows
Going to the land of bliss
Riding on my unicorn
As we shared a kiss
Bliss was a special place
Meant for you and I
As we listened  to a robins song
Never thought we'd say goodby
There were no weeping willows
Never a tear did they shed
Making love by a babbling brook
As the meadow was our bed
Now things are different
Bliss we no longer share
There are no more rainbows
For you no longer seems to care
Willow that never wept
Now weep forever more
Robins song in sprintime
No longer holds it's lure
The once babbling brook
Now is dry and bare
Love that we once had
We no longer share
The rainbow has long faded
Replaced by clouds of misty gray
Shall never ride that dream again
For it too has washed away
Will there will be another dream
For my unicorn and I
Will we again chase chromatic rainbows
Or was this my last goodbye