Faithless Hope

Written by: robert johnson

Preface: I seem to be able to write pretty sad poems alot. I hope there is always some worthwhile moral or lesson learned with each. This one is about no faith when we hope and pray. Or maybe, we're praying for the wrong things. Yeah, I think we all do that. Well try not to get too depressed reading this. :)

When sunsets and starlight are clouded from sight.
And sweet dreams and moon beams aren't part of your night.
Where can you go for hope and a prayer?
When the bluebird of happiness falls out of the air.

Grey sky's deliver a message inside.
Your guadian angel tragically died.
The air was too sullen and heavy for wings.
And now the Archangel soulfully sings.

Where can people go when they've lost their way?
With holes in their pockets and nothing to say.
The end keeps encircling the rest of your life.
And endlessly tempts you to fall on your knife.

I can not blame you when you disappear.
I'd too turn around and not want to hear.
So solemnly I walk these streets all alone.
Just like a mongrel who looks for a bone.

Death and destruction are all that I see.
When faithlessly hoping there'll be more for me.