Written by: Donald Meikle

Out here on the edges, such a longer way away.
Wishing some and wondering, when I'd like to stay.
There's nothing' like a memory to make you wish for more.
But I just keep on wondering, is someone keeping score.

Take it easy.
Take it slowly.
Don't take more than you need
Extra gets too heavy, and you have to deal with greed.

Sometimes the road gets hilly, but you get a better view.
Sometimes the load gets heavy, but you get stronger too.
So long as you keep movin'. along the lonely road.
You have the chance to meet someone, to help you share the load.

It's so easy
simply fine
A cooling glass of wine
Don't swallow it too quickly,just smile and taste the vine.

Laid back looks so lazy, but it's really quite a chore
Acting like you don't care much, but really wanting more.
It's a game of taking chances,and it's good to know the score.
But you've anted up and opened, now you have to bet some more.