Written by: femi joey oloidi

Arise gently
as swiftly as you can
my saintly lover

Rotate quietly as the whispers of the breeze 
and breathe harmless love into the lord of my soul

my saintly lover
for the air has souls and holes 
and they wallow through gallows 
when they hear you
Say out loud to me;
'I'll dash my cloud to you my love'   

my saintly lover
for all the generation of wind 
stalk around your voice
to see you fulfill the hallow choice you have chosen

While all the extended family of walls, 
tickle and fickle in fear,
for they do not want it to be their duty to watch the suicide of beauty

On whose varied graveyard shall beauty be buried?
in the reams of dreams?
streams of tears?
or in the teams of agony?

That I blankly do not know!

But frankly,

Arise gently,
as swiftly as you can
my saintly lover
and bury your love, laughter, health and life in the carcass of my heart

For only therein,
it shall forever be therein wealthy safe.