And that brings us back to doe

Written by: Leonard Taormina


I was searching the vastness as a man unrehearsed;
She was looking for someone that could conquer her thirst.
And in the early beginning when we danced by the sea;
I told the fair maiden she was special to me.
     In the maze of the city my heart was attacked
     By some jackals with wide eyes that forever came back  
     And in the timbers I feasted through the darkness of night;
     With a lady with green eyes that made me feel right.
I kssed on some sweet lips as we spoke without speech;
Then we peeked from the mountain that together we’d reached.
I surrendered my safety when I didn’t hold on;
While strapped to a rocket that took me so strong.
      I surrounded and circled and I ran with the pack;
      And sometimes I took but never gave back.
      My pleasures were many but the treasures were few
      And my needs are still thirsty but what’s there to do.