We Need to dance On Mountain Tops

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

We need to dance on Mountain tops
Flying, soaring, way way up high into the sky
We need to grasp at every single rainbow
And laughing slide down them for the ride
Not to live in unhappiness, doubt and insecurity
We need to believe in all we see and be a shiny light
A help out of the darkness to be a beacon light
Life has such cruelties we must not add to them
Careless words, stupid thoughts, so easy to hold back
For some the road is easy, a skipping playful ride
For others torment, tragedy, a life of only strife
We need to lift the spirit to offer all we can
We need a cup overflowing, not scalding in the hand
A little thought of tenderness, a smile can make a day
A special nod, outstretched hand, a tender loving hug
Oh yes we need to dance on mountain tops
Together let us fly, let us soar way way up into the sky
To love, to give, to hope, and most certainly to dream.