In a mood of confession


    In A Mood of Confession

Of the throbbing rainy clouds.
But , they were mine too.The red-hot arrow
Pierced tenderness beneath ribs
Fell near my window.

In a full moon, midnight
A withering Franciscan priest,
Bent forward, with salt-pepper beard
Frightened to the core.
It was you,your pale smile fading.

Your stamped, ditched adolescence
Stars disappearing beyond the sky
We entwined them like noodles
White cranes flying across cumulus clouds.
I had been keeping you in my chest
All these years,
You wept shamelessly,
Baptized in a pool of tears
Stepped out as an ascetic.
We drove slowly on the deserted road
We passed a hospital, then a cemetery
Leaving behind rainy clouds
Nocturnal birds flapping wings
light and shade of life
Like one possessed
You levitated,in a missed beat.

Smiling over fear, distrust and love
I get the taste of you.
You broke the abode of peace
Balance of thought
Hunter and the hunted
'Time heals, memories fade,
An ultimate transfiguration,'you said
Tears on brim, you looked, furtive
The same old',Death Wish'
Burnt tin-foils,blackened spoons
Syringe thrown to the corner
Oh ! ,Lord, the thud I hear
Was my pulsating fear
You kept mum.
Your mom sees all
A photograph on wall.

Oh ! my boy,
My blood.