Things we have forever

Written by: Sur aya

Some things are good 
Some things are bad

Some things last a lifetime
And some things  do not

Some things are our favorite that we treasure forever
And some things are so insignificant that we don't even notice passing us by

Some things are replaceable like your favorite sneakers or bag
And some things are so special that they simply are one of a kind

Things like your first doll or first ball
Your first allowance or your first night up late

Some people are special 
And some are not

Some people you wish you had known a long time ago
And some you wish you never have met

And some things and some people 
 are so special but you lose them

Like a diamond ring or your favorite teddybear
Or mother or father or sibling or companion

No matter how much you search for another or whatever or whomever takes their role
There never will be one quite like them

But we are lucky to have had them
And most of all are blessed with memories shared with them

And that is something that will never be lost or taken

That is forever for us 
Forever with us
That is forever.