I said goodbye to you in a dream,
But in reality I had to walk away.
This love was like an elusive bar of gold,
I was trying to hold in my hands.
Memories and a shadow of my love,
Is what I am trying to hold on to,
To have the feel of you close again.
To me your love is like the fog and the mist,
That I am trying to grab with my hands.
I see you disappear into the dark night,
But in the horizon I see a love sign in red.
When I try to get closer and closer to it,
The horizons seems to move far and far,
It is like I am chasing my own shadow 

If I had to travel to space and get you a star,
I would have gone and plucked one for you.
To me I have tried to live my sweet dream,
But the dream was over before starting.
Every morning was a morning of hope,
But the elusive love dwindled with hopes,
And brought pain to my tender heart

I felt a faint heartbeat of a broken heart,
Crying tears of a love it never had. 
Moment after moment, day after day,
Wishing you only gave it a drop of your love.
Just like heaven and earth can never meet
So is our hearts never got together as one.
For your elusive love kept fading away,
Just when I thought I was getting closer.