Written by: John Loving III

I still think of you
In my lonly time
Wish that I could be with you
Besides in my mind

The precious thing you've given me
In so many small pieces
The revelations that let me know
That my love still increases

My mind plays pictures
Of when you were alive
I remember all the details
The good and bad times

And always comes the tears
That fall from my eyes
Every tear a gift for you
The one love of my life

Sometimes I pick up my pen
And I write you a letter
I try to make the words sweet
Because poetry is much better

I know that you are living
Some where outside of time
I hope that I am with you
Reading you this rhyme

How ever it is that angels love
I hope to love you that way
For you have been the only true love
I've ever had unto this day

I pray to God with all my might
That He made me for you
Because you were the only one
Who's love I found was true