What Is This World Coming To

Written by: Leanne Perks

What is this World that we Live in, coming to
Where is it heading, why is the world in dire
Straits, and full of turmoil. 

World Events are becoming too great to even contemplate,
It is too much to bare for the one’s that genuinely
Care for the world that we live.

Violence, Greed, Crime, War, Conflicts Religion and  
So Much More the list over-flows and has Spiralled Out of Control.
Hunger, Disease, Sickness, Heart-Ache and Grief.

Where in the World can one find Solace and Relief,
Is there answers to these Questions, or do we just  live and then die
Without ever questioning the reasons why?

What is Life really about and will we ever get to find out the
Meaning of Life and Love will the answer come from
Up above?

Where can we go to find  comfort and Peace of mind 
In this troubled world that we have come to know.
Is there a Hope to brighten the way  to help
Us through the darkness to lead us to Light

Who will help us with our burdens to bear
Is there anyone that Really Cares?

In times of trouble and despair ,
When loaded down with heavy burdens we bare, 
Many look and turn to 
 God for comfort and care even
Though they may doubt he is whether he is really there,
Still they turn to him in  heartfelt prayer.