Words Are Short-lived

Written by: Joel Lee

Words are dying everyday
As short-lived as when imagined
A plead be a beseeching dismay
Yet as lived... where have I been?

Perhaps a little guidance for despair
A foothold for the disappearing grounds
To once more walk with a solemn flare
And nevermore with fear to turn simply around

Yet the more to will, I am not to see
Of words begging a difference for someone to be
A broken faith upon the unfounded me
Remains only a founded me to never be free

Where the world stands, I stand alone
Misguided, misjudged, misunderstood and misgiven
Where I stand, the world isn’t my home
And with solitude... I ask yet to be forgiven

Have I not have words if I may?
As short-lived as forgettably imagined
Where words are dying everyday
And as lived... I could only have been