It Is Time For A Summer Dance

Written by: Anne Lise Andresen


                                   Come my dear, shall we dance
                       It`s time for a summer dance, our dreamdance
                          Dance needs no words, just enjoy the dance
                          Feel the warmth, the intimacy and romance
                                Let yourself flow with your partner
                                     There is no upper age limit
                                Anyone is allowed to join the dance
                               Dance is a rhythmic body movement
                              Movement of your body and your limbs
                               The dance makes you happy and your
                                  health and wellness will feel better
                       The driving force in the dance is the joy of dancing
                                        Imagine if life was a dance
                                    Perhaps we would be happier then
                                 You can try : Teasedance or Bellydance 

                               Dance, dance, dance on the table to night

10,August 2012
A-L Andresen