I hate

Written by: mandy cabral


 I hate the way you make me feel guilty about being jealous when other girls hit on you, 
 I hate the way you can go forever without even seeing or talking to me when your friends are around, but expect me to drop everything to talk to you when you want my attention.
I hate how you're so happy at times and I'm so sad, 
I hate how you treated me like sh*t  but yet I'm the one feeling bad.
I hate how I feel so weak and you're so strong, 
I hate how you think you do no wrong.
I hate how you pretend that everythings okay, 
I hate how you took my innocence away and act sometimes like it ment nothing.
I hate how I feel so scared, 
I hate how fast I fell in love with you without a fighting chance.
I hate the way you look at me and just know when something is wrong.
I hate how everything we have means nothing to everybody else
I hate the way I feel inside, 
I hate the nights I spent alone and cried.
I hate how everything seems wrong, 
I hate the feeling of wanting to belong.
I hate how you're always in my head, 
I hate everything mean you have ever said.
I hate wondering how you really feel about me, 
I hate how you try to go out with certin friends and you feel like you have to lie
I hate how when your job takes you away for long times I'm left with being alone and want to do nothing but cry
I hate it how you can just come in and out of my life and feel like everything is alright 
while I am the one that has to put up with the problems, family and drama every night
 But most of all I hate the way I can't stop thinking about you, and I hate it even more because I know you know its true
All these thing don't make me really hate you, It just makes me lust you more an more and it feeds my wanting you right down to the core