Searching for her self esteem behind every zipper in town

Written by: cass leigh

She's aware he's awfully chivalrous for carrying such casual intent
While there's subconscious recognition he's a blend of canny ways
Mixed with filthy desire 

Leaving her plenty of room for discontent
His finicky facade that this helpless girl can't help but admire
While to herself she's being a liar

As if she could deny this mans selfish pursuance
Her misinterpretations are inevitable
A genitive surefire 

He'll maintain his obvious avoidance for exclusivity
She'll claim to have been perpetually blinded by his witty ways
As she induced her own misfire 

Those eyes of his will misconstrue
Betting on the fact she'll negate her own savvy finesse
That self proclaimed ability to see through 

Inevitably he'll be praised and built up as a statue
Like his soul
He'll be mended of stone

While in the interim
She'll be gazing pitifully 
Into shades of blue