thats what they say

Written by: Robert Walker

they say the grass is always greener on the other side
but that's ment for those that have something to hide
the ones that keep secrets hidden deep inside
they use that just to protect their pride.....

they say it's better to give than to recieve
well that's what they have tought us to believe
but as long as this world is consumed with greed
i'm going to try to get everything i need.....

they say u cant judge a book by it's cover
well that would be true if the world did'nt critisize each other
but just because we are not all the same color 
does'nt mean we cant get alone with one another....

they can say this and they can say that
 and this is what throws us all off track
but no-one really cares about the facts
 cause truth is we all are known by the way we act