The Cries of My People

Written by: lucky okoedion

                 I see it in your eyes.
                 The weariness of you citizens of patched lands
                 Receding fast like suppressed cries;
                 Cold phobia, slave bands
                 In your heart;
                 Your tears jugging without caution
                  Chanting songs of war forever,
                  Cursing the day of birth of the immunity
                  of the canker worm corruption
                  which sewed your land together
                  In pseudo unity;

                 Pathetic tears, drops of blood,
                 of the sacrificial ofering
                  of widows, orphans; suckling
                 on your stately altar.
                 of mixed multitude flood
                 of caged doves. And halters;
                 Outlarge  roaring lions
                  In guise of builders of zion;

                 Bloody tears provoked on your face
                 Elates my past depressed soul,
                 Outpoured the worries and wearisome goals