All That Avails Is Flight

Written by: Joshua munyaradzi mimana

Along the streets..., we run
Chased by our fears..., we run
Seeing our end coming..., we 
Slaved by their injustice..., we 
Silenced by betrayal..., we run

Our hands tied from behind, 
They whipped us, they inflicted 
pain to conquer this mind
We slaved in day, and 
sorrowed when the moon was 
When the skies were overcast, 
our souls were downcast 
Till the fountain of our tears 
has run dry
and now we cry no more....,

freedom and peace, they have 
killed by their democracy
impartiality of justice, buried 
forever in the dark tomb of 
Patriotism is the fightings they 
cause among the youths 
brainwashed by their slogans
to appease their insatiable 
hunger for power and delusions 
of grandeur..,
Now the wise and the able in 
fear brave to run
For all that avails is flight

They cannot be fought
They are power, they lose not
They run the race and they 
determine the mark
They speak to be listened and 
are heard by us
They walk in plain, not their 
good talk

In the court of justice, innocent 
themselves they judge
They kill fathers with a bullet, 
youths they blind their sight
When they dance in merry, 
they kill the young with hunger
With fear to mothers, a nation 
they have subdued 
And now out of bravery we 
seek our escape
For all that avails is flight....