Missing you

Written by: Skyler Dawn

Missing you feels like a headache
Missing you feels like the flu
I'm dying inside of me
Because I can't stop thinking of you

Wish you were here all the time
Wanting to see your smile
Dreaming of being with you again
But I know we'll be together in a while

I wish I was all grown up
Old enough to do as I like
I'd be with you all the time
And tell the gossip to take a hike

Because I don't care
You're my only concern
And when your skin touches mine
I can feel the burn

Every time you smile
I melt inside
And every time you say I love you
I think I'll die

And when I close my eyes
I picture your smiling face
And dream about you and I
One of these days

I'll love you always
And no one else I swear
They can say all they want about us
I really don't care

I'll be yours right till the end
And even longer
And no words could break us
Cause our love is stronger

And sometimes when I sleep
You talk to me
I can hear your gentle voice
And it sets me free

I love that you love me
So much you don't know
I just want to make you happy
Won't ever let you go

So when you dream tonight
Think of me
Cuase I'll be thinking of you
I can garentee