Written by: Skyler Dawn

Confusion sweeps into rage
turning tables upside down
smelling anger in your veins
tasting love inside my mind
hoping its not harmful
bitter screams inside
laughter pulling at my brain
darkness rounding the last corner
waiting for my raincheck
to save me from my doom
silently I pray
For the hope of the rain again
Lighting strikes my thoughts
Pulling my senses clearer
Avoiding my racing pulse
And my pounding heart
As I reach the end
I know its only the beginning
And still I run
Wiping tears from my heart
Smashing all doubts
Resenting my own mind
Loving every moment of 
My own silent deception
Tricking my self into believing
My thoughts run disturbed
Tugging at my inner self
Only to find I was lost long ago
Broken down by a broken heart
Never understanding
Only dreaming of my passion
And wishing for my words to become alive
To be heard in all this chaos
To change not to be changed
To hold tight to all emptiness
And create something beautiful
To love when not loved back
To give when not given
To hold when not help
To hope when all is lost