My strength

Written by: Skyler Dawn

When I am too weak to stand on my own two feet, will you support me?

 When I am weak will you be my strength?

 When I fall to my knees and can't go on any longer will you help me up, and give me the strength I need to keep going?

 Will you keep and hold, cradle me as a small child?

 Will your arms be my shelter and your body my blanket?

 Will you help me remember Jehovah's love and confidence in me?

 Will you believe in me?

 Will you stay with me through the thick and thin, the happy and sad?...

 If I walk away will you follow, will you fight to keep me?

 When I'm tired and worn down will you make sure that I stay awake and never stray?

 Will you make sure I keep on going?

 Will you promise to continue putting Jehovah first?

 If you see that I am drowsy will you stir me and never allow me to fall asleep?

 Will you be my strength and support, my best friend, my helper, for now and always?

 Loyally loving me despite the hardships we face, may we always grow stronger together in our love and relationship with each other always keeping Jehovah in it...

 Will you hold my hand when I'm too weak to walk alone?

 Will your kiss always linger on my lips?

 Will your eyes always follow me?

 May your heart always be pure towards me... May your love for me never weaken.

 May we grow stronger... Kinder... Wiser together.

 Promise you will always tell me the secrets of your heart whether easy or not, never hiding things away from me.

 Promise that you will share your thoughts and dreams with me... your goals and ideas.

 May we always be young at heart like two playful children, surrounded by abundance of each others love...

 Always laugh with me, and never forget the way we feel now...

 The strong love, the passion and happiness we feel for each other.

 Never forget the first time our lips met... or our finger intertwined.

 Never forget our sweet caress and the warmth of our bodies touch for the first time.

 Always be... my strength.